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Understanding OCR GCSE Media Studies

jeremy | Monday April 26, 2010

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE

UNITS B321, B322 or B323, and B324

There are three units designed as a two year GCSE with the emphasis on practical work.

Unit B321: The Individual Media Studies Portfolio

This is a Controlled Assessment unit, internally assessed and externally moderated.

It is essential that Centres set assignments that make use of TWO media within this Unit ~ ie if two texts are compared in the same media format in the theory element, then the supporting practical exercise must be in a different medium. Alternatively, if the comparative assignment makes use of two media formats, then the practical exercise can be in any medium.

What Do Students Have To Do?

Students have to research and devise an INDIVIDUAL portfolio in three linked parts. A minimum of two media must be covered in this portfolio as a whole focusing on the key media concepts of Media language and Representation.

1.Analytical Comparative Study (worth 60 marks - 50% of the total)

Students analyse how REPRESENTATIONS of individuals, groups, events or places are created, and what socially significant messages and values are constructed and contrasted in at least two media texts, which can be from the same media. 

This part can be word processed (800–1,500 words), or it may be presented as a PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides, or even a podcast of about five minutes.

2. Production Exercise (worth 40 marks)

Concentrating on Media Language and Representation and reinforcing the understanding demonstrated in the part 1 assignment, including a brief commentary (written, or Powerpoint, or podcast) explaining how codes and conventions are used to convey messages about representation. Digital media can be used but original photography is not necessary, as it is in the second production exercise (B 324); personal insight and engagement will be rewarded in the assessment criteria

3. Planning and Evaluative Commentary

In the commentary, the following areas must be covered:

  • A summary...

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