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Understanding Film Studies & Moving Image Analysis in Year 9

Carl Beck | Tuesday June 02, 2009

Categories: KS3, Year 9, GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Film Studies, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Skills, Understanding Key Topics

In Term 2 of Year 9, we introduce the students to Film Studies. The students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by researching and analysing existing film posters, DVD covers, opening sequences, exploring conventions for different cinematic genres.

The students then use this newly acquired knowledge to plan, mock-up and develop their own artefact. There is an emphasis on using manual drafting skills in this unit such as drawing and laying out work according to a set of rules / conventions. This is to allow the students to become familiar with this method of product development and will prove invaluable for GCSE Media Studies, which tests the students on these skills in their final examination(s).

During Year 9 students are expected to move from Media as production to Media as analysis, interpretation and evaluation. They are introduced to more conventions and technical language. This is reinforced by tasking them with projects that require the students to explore them in more depth and apply them in their own production and writing.

Throughout Year 9 the concepts of ‘institution’, ‘regulation’ and ‘censorship’ are introduced and woven through the Modern Technology, Film Studies and Pop Band / Pop Music Industry units.

This is because we believe that students need a little more time to access and be able to apply this concept than many others in Media Studies. It provides a sound grounding for tackling issues they will encounter in Years 10 & 11.

Every sixth lesson the students sit a formal assessment and are awarded a National Curriculum level using our tailor-made assessment structure.

The skills are introduced by class demonstration, student mirroring the activity on their work stations and the key steps are supported with a range of guides and worksheets.

The formal assessments during the unit are designed to ensure that a particular competency has been achieved.

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