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The Now Show Profile

nicoleponsford | Monday October 03, 2011

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Hot Entries, Radio, Radio Comedy

  • Genre: Radio Comedy Satire of the Week’s News / Themes
  • Running Time: 30 minutes from an hour live recorded show
  • Home Station: BBC Radio 4
  • Broadcast: 1998
  • Series: 34
  • Audience: It is one of Radio 4s most popular shows, with over 1.5 million listeners.


Hugh Dennis
Steve Punt
Jon Holmes (letters and emails)
Micth Benn (music, like this song King of Twitter)
Marcus Brigstocke (angry monologues)
Laura Shavin (female voices)

Other Information

It was the first Radio 4 comedy series to be made available on podcast (for 7 days after the broadcast) as a trial.

In 21st July 2005 due to the London bombings, the show was recorded without an audience (as they had to change venues).

Since 2008, the first show of the summer series is recorded at the town that has the FA cup.

Award for ‘Best British Radio Panel Show / Satire’ for 2008 in the comedy.co.uk awards


The Now Show is a mixture of sketches, stand up and songs about “now? presented by double act Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered and Mock of the Week) and Steve Punt. Both were part of the early 1990s topical comedy show, The Mary Whitehouse Experience on radio and TV, and Live on Arrival from 1998. The later was a surreal, narrative based show which aired six episodes in the later eighties. TMWE meant that a second series was never made. Elements of both shows can be identified in The Now Show.

It is recorded the Thursday evening before the Friday broadcast at 18.30. The normal format is Punt and Dennis review and discuss the week’s news/themes, a monologue by Marcus Brigstocke, a stand up response to letters and emails by Jon, and a song or two by Benn. They are joined by a stand up who will do their act, or MB will do one of his rants. There are reoccurring jokes, like MB’s angry rants about Tim Henman (‘C’mon Tim!?) and magician David Blaine who MB calls ‘Gitwizard’. The closing feature is Audience Question. This is where the stars ask the audience a...

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