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The Mighty Boosh Profile

nicoleponsford | Monday October 03, 2011

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Hot Entries, Radio, Radio Comedy

  • Genre: Radio Comedy Surreal Sitcom
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Home Station: Originally BBC London Live, then BBC Radio 4, later BBC 7
  • Broadcast: 16 October to the 20 November 2001
  • Series: One with six episodes
  • Audience: Mainly student age, but 15-30 in the main


Noel Fielding* Julian Barratt*
Lee Mack
Richard Ayoade
Rich Fulcher* (*Writers)

Other Information

Award: Douglas Adams Award for Innovative Comedy Writing.

The series is available on CD from the BBC Audiobooks and on iTunes. It includes additional material.

The episodes from the radio series were reedited and used again for the first television series.

The theme music is the same for both the radio and television series.


Vince Noir and Howard TJ Moon are Zoo Keepers at ‘Zooniverse’/ Bob Fossil’s “Funworld?. Vince is a youthful, vain, energetic, and excited fashionista, whereas Howard is his dead pan, jazz loving companion. Other characters include Dixon Bainbridge, “body popping? Bob Fossil and Mrs. Gideon. All the animals can talk and the narratives are based on Vince and Howard’s adventures in and around the Zoo.

The Episodes illustrate the surreal nature of the shows:

1. Stolen: ‘The Phantom’ steals animals from Zooniverse, so Howard and Vince investigate.

2. Jungle: Howard and Vince go on a quest to find the zoo’s old boss who disappeared, Tommy Nookah, after having enough of Bob Fossil’s management.

3. Jazz: Vince wants Howard to join his rock band, but the Spirit of Jazz has something to say first.

4. Mutants: A tale of mutant animals, wealthy Japanese business men and Joey Moose being bitten.

5. Tundra: Sent by Bob Fossil to Spain (Vince) and the Artic (Howard) to get more animals for Zooniverse, the two join together to brave the tundra.

6. Hitcher: The Zookeepers have to take Tony the Prawn to the Zoo for Animal Offenders; en route they meet a hitch-hiker and go to the world of ‘The People of the Box’.


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