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The Impact of New / Digital Media

| Friday April 12, 2013

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, Hot Entries, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Internet, Social Networking, Community, History of the Internet, Mobile Phones, Public Vs Privacy, Making Money, Communications, New Technologies, User Generated Content, We Media

Why do you need to study this Unit?

  • In your final exam you will need to respond to an essay question in Section B of the paper.
  • You can either choose one on Representation using your case study which you will produce with your Media Studies teacher at some point in your course;
  • Or you can choose a question on the Impact of New/Digital Media.

However, in Section A of the paper you will need the information too. In Section A of this paper you will be shown two previously unseen texts.  You will be given three questions on the unseen texts, and your third question of Section A will focus on Media issues and debates, which may well be centred around New Media Technologies.

For a Top Mark Question you need to:

  • The answer shows a confident and appropriate discussion and evaluation of the question,  referencing a wide range of examples, providing detailed illustration and demonstrating a comprehensive application of knowledge and understanding of current ideas, debates and information about new media technology (related to the question);
  • An engaged and sophisticated response that is clear, well written and well structured, with clear evidence of critical autonomy;
  • At the top of this level candidates will produce an articulate and stimulating response which demonstrates evidence of an independent and informed approach and reference a variety of appropriate and relevant media texts.

(AQA, Spec, 2013)

This unit will look at the following aspects:

This unit will broadly touch on a range of topics. The aim with this approach is to provide you with information regarding each aspect which will form the foundation of what you need to know for this unit. However, the health warning here is not to assume that this is ‘all you need to know’ about the Impact of New/Digital Technology for your exam. You need to take the initial ideas and do more research on each topic. As said, we look at a range of topics to ensure that you are well prepared for...

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