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Richard Gent | Wednesday October 15, 2014

Categories: Hot Entries, Starters & Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas & Skills Development

Practical Video Gaming History by Liz Sim

I do a practical lesson on video gaming using a range of consoles from the Atari through the NES and original Playstation to modern consoles looking at how graphics, content, narrative and playability have changed. It is always fun and the students get to experience gaming history; however I have not done it recently as my Atari has broken and my source for XBOX 360 left the school! It is a faffy lesson to set up but very good!

Personal Progress Logs and Buddy System by Jackie Tuson

My Year 11s are working ¬†on their Assignment 3 (AQA) which means all of them are at different stages and this can mean some fall through the cracks, lag behind etc. Also, as much of the work is done on computers there is precious little to offer inspectors as ‘evidence of progress’ when they do a book scrutiny. So I have started the students on a Personal Progress Log. Each lesson they write the date, and set a goal/target. Five minutes before the end they note whether they have achieved the goal/ how the lesson went etc and then write what needs to be done for homework to move them forward. I also have a sheet with a table reflecting the 12 pages of research they need to do. I leave it on the front desk, and as they complete each page and print it off for their folders, they tick off the page in the column. This way I can easily see who is falling behind. This really promotes that precious thing: independent research and ownership. Also, I have started a buddy system partnering a less motivated student with an “on fire” one. Just to encourage and support.

Media Language and Demonstrating Progress by Natalie Griffiths

This lesson is pitched to AS media levels E- B grade, it was delivered in line with AQA examination board.
Learning Objective: To confidently analyse media texts using media language…
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