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Sport on TV Scheme

jeremy | Tuesday September 08, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, Hot Entries, Other Topics, Television, Sport on TV

WJEC GCSE Media Studies for exam in 2010

A Suggested Scheme of Work

This scheme of work is not in any way prescriptive, it is simply offered as a possible way in. It should be adapted and moulded to fit particular teachers, students and resources.


Week 1 Class Work

Intro to GCSE media studies. Two parts - Sport on TV and - advertisements in print and electronic media, and practical course work.

I suggest the pattern of Term 1 is to study the two exam topics; Term 2 practical course work; Term 3 revision of the main topics and exam preparation.

Starting with the moving image topic of Sport on TV

1. Discuss students’ TV sport consumption. A moving image extract is the most likely in the exam.

2. Students do in-class research on hours spent per week on TV sport and which sports

3. Discussion on which households have satellite and which other digital platforms such as Freeview – how does that relate to the amount o fsport viewed each week.


Students create a media diary detailing the time viewing anything and everything to do with sport. Name the programme, the channel, and how many minutes viewed.


Look at sport related websites and report back to class on what is available e.g.

Week 2 Class Work

Intro to genre and narrative in Sport on TV

1. Generic conventions of TV sport include magazine programmes and live broadcasts

2. Basic sign and code systems and visual motifs

3. Narrative structures based around formats such as the post match discussion, the ‘excited’ narration of the unseen match commentator.

4. Establishment of drama, suspense and closure through format and delivery.


In small groups students to analyse at least two styles/ formats of sports programme. E.g. Question of Sport and Match of the Day

Week 3 Class Work

Introduction to representation in sport – looking at the dominance of male presenters - is it being eroded with modern...

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