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Soviet Union

vikiwalden | Wednesday May 13, 2009

Categories: Film, Documentaries, Soviet Union, Other Topics

Film and The Social Union

Nicholas II succeeded his father Alexander III as the Tsar of Russia, reigning from 1st November 1984 until his forced abdication on 15th March 1917. Renowned for his doubtfulness in receiving the crown, Nicholas said upon his father’s death “what is going to happen to me and of Russia?”, what would happen in fact would be a total revolution and turn around of the country.

Nicholas’ doubts and concerns grew as he felt incapacitated in dealing with the Russian Revolution of 1905. Having bore 4 daughters before their son Alexi in 1904, Nicholas and his wife Alexandra discovered she had passed on the “royal disease” (Queen Victoria’s descendants who were by now vacating the majority of palaces throughout Europe and Abroad mostly suffered from the disease) haemophilia.

Because of the fragility of the autocracy and the ever closer threat of revolution, the Tsar told no one of their conditions, he instead in desperation, entrusted in the mystic and peasant Grigon Rasputin, Alexandra saw Rasputin as a healer with the touch of God, though he is rumoured to have only “tricked them into believing they were healed” through hypnosis, she relied on him heavily.

However this reliance was to cost Rasputin heavily and aid towards the downfall of the autocracy. Whilst Nicholas was away, overseeing World War I, the domestic issues lay in the hands of Alexandra. Because of Nicholas refusal to censor the newspapers rumours spread of Rasputin’s control over Alexandra and humiliated the royal family. Rasputin was then murdered on December 16th, 1916 by a group of noble men lead by Felix Yushpov, in sequence; by poisoning, shot several times, beaten and finally the actual cause of death was classified as drowning.

By this time civil unrest had come to a head, the government had been unable to maintain constant supplies or an active economy over a prolonged period of time during warfare which lead to national hardship, this plus...

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