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Richard Gent | Tuesday June 23, 2009

Categories: GCSE, A Level, AQA A Level, Other Topics, Situation Comedy

An Introduction to Sitcoms

Frome College on Sitcoms

A List of British Sitcoms

Buster Tests: Sitcom Basics

BBC on Britain’s Best Sitcoms

North East Wales Institute of HE on Sitcoms

ScreenOnline on Sitcoms

Television Heaven on Galton & Simpson

Teletronic.co.uk on The Good Life

Writing Sitcoms

Robin Kelly on Sitcom Writing

The Stage Guide to Sitcom Writing

Sitcom Downloads & Other Resources

FunTrivia Quizzes on Sitcom

Kings’ School Scheme of Work on Sitcoms

Robert Smyth School Year 10 Sitcom Mock Exam

BFI ‘Teaching TV Sitcom’ by James Baker

BFI on ‘Sitcoms That Changed The World’ 2005

BFI on ‘Sit-Coms, Sit Goes’ 1995

Chortle Sitcom Audio Resources

Sitcoms in the News

New Version of ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ Mirror

Ricky Gervais’ Top 10 TV Sitcoms UNCUT

‘BBC Revives Classic Sitcoms’ July 2001 BBC

‘Bilko Named Best Ever Comedy’ September 2003 Guardian

‘Orange Brings BBC Sitcoms to Mobiles’ CNET

‘Sitcoms Have Both Feet In The Grave’ December 2005 Daily Mail

Scientific Formula to Sitcom Success June 2005 Guardian

The History & Development of Sitcoms

Northallerton College on Gender & The History of TV Situation Comedy

A Closer Look at Sitcoms & Relevant Theory

Jack Kibble-White on The British Sitcom

A BFI Commentary on the Top 20 Sitcoms

‘Who Killed the British Sitcom?’ Blog by Rob Buckley

UKTV Press Office: ‘The Sitcom Showdown’

Richard Taflinger on US TV Sitcoms

Channel 4 & ‘The IT Crowd’

Aber on TV Sitcoms

Transparencynow.com Excellent media and communication studies site by Ken Sanes. It has a dedicated section on US Sitcoms.

Aber, Semiotics & Intertextuality

Simpsons archive

sitcom.co.uk Masses on history of right through to those currently in production and even links to getting tickets to watch recordings of sitcoms

sitcom guide Who Killed the British Sitcom

BBC on SitComs

BFI on Sit

Comssitcoms - Northallerton College

transparencynow.com Excellent media and communication studies site by Ken Sanes....

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