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Situation Comedy Controlled Test Mock Foundation Tier Page One

Keith Langton | Thursday June 18, 2009

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Other Topics, Situation Comedy, Staffroom, Mocks

The Laffter Stoodio
Nelson Mandela House
Sebastopol Terrace
Craggy Island
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Dear Colleague,

Here at The Laffter Stoodio, we have been looking at television situation comedies over the last four decades. Yes, there’s been some great series on television in the UK and “across the pond? in the United States and some fantastic comedy moments, but we want to do something new, which is why we’ve asked you to be involved in our new project.

I don’t know about you, but in our research we have noticed that teenagers don’t really get a fair crack of the whip in most television sitcoms. Whenever there is a teenage character on the screen, they always seem to be the butt of the joke or an empty stereotype – has anyone seen a decent teenage character in a sitcom since Harry Enfield wrote “Kevin the Teenager??

Time to change things! We’re hoping you feel like we do and that you want to see some more positive teenage characters in a television sitcom.

Now we don’t just employ anyone here at The Laffter Stoodio and we need you to show us that you have done your research and that you know your stuff before we offer you the job.

Take a look at the following tasks and show us that you are as determined as we are to change the way television audiences view teenagers!

Remember we are looking to launch our Project in the very near future, so don’t hang about, get those answers down on paper as soon as you can.

Good luck,

Bernard Hedges

Mr. Bernard Hedges (B.A.)

Click here to access the Foundation Tier Sitcom Mock Page Two


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