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Setting Up A Media Suite

Rob McMinn | Thursday May 07, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Staffroom, Equipment

About The Author

I used to work as an IT consultant and marketing manager for Jigsaw Systems Ltd, who are the UK’s largest Apple dealer. (http://www.jigsaw24.com). I recommend you speak to them if you want a site visit or need to get a quotation.

It was my job to introduce Jigsaw into the video/audio markets, so I did about 18 months research into music production, sound for video, video production, as well as dealing with Jigsaw’s existing market for desktop publishing, photography, and graphic design etc.

Jigsaw was a cross platform company (selling both Macs and PCs), and had a mixed network, but there were almost no occasions in the 6 years I worked there that Macs weren’t the best solution when it came to creative productivity.

Jigsaw sells into universities and schools all over the country (over 2000) and has professional clients ranging from major newspapers (Express, Mirror, Independent, News International, Newsquest), magazine publishers (Hachette, National Magazines, EMAP), theatres (The National Theatre), TV companies (BBC, ITV), independent film/video producers, and recording studios, composers, and musicians to museums (British Museum, Victoria and Albert), and the London Film School.

Since leaving Jigsaw, I’ve been teaching Media Studies at the Cottesloe School in Bucks, and I run a blog at http://westudymedia.wordpress.com.

Industry Standards

While you often hear the argument (e.g. from school governors) that PCs are “industry standard” — it all depends on which industry! For paper-pushers, accountants, and other bored office workers, PCs are indeed the industry standard. For musicians, artists, writers, directors, designers, architects, and many other creative professionals, Macs are the industry standard.

Cost Implications

  • It’s a fact that most studies of Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), show that Macs are more economical over the life of the machine.
  • Macs generate fewer...

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