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Research on Media Institution Regulation

Caroline Bagshaw | Friday August 17, 2012

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Key Concepts, Institutions, Censorship & Regulation

Who controls the media institutions in the UK?


  • Which media does Ofcom handle complaints about?
  • What aspects of a programme broadcast on commercial radio and TV can it consider?
  • What issues can it consider relating to programmes broadcast by the BBC?
  • What issues can it consider relating to sponsorship?
  • What sanctions can it impose on media institutions?
  • What is not within its remit?

Press Complaints Commission

  • In 2012, what proportion of complaints made to the PCC were about accuracy in reporting?
  • What proportion of complaints were related to intrusion into privacy?
  • Who is the code drawn up by?
  • How do the PCC justify their self-regulation of their industry?
  • How is the PCC funded?
  • List the 16 main headings of the Code of Practice of the PCC.

Advertising Standards Authority

  • What is the stated purpose of the ASA?
  • When did the ASA take on responsibility for regulating advertisements on TV and Radio?
  • What had it previously regulated?
  • Now spend some time looking at some of the adjudications made by the ASA and by the PCC.

Other Institutions?

Compare the mission statements of the following institutions and how they are funded and consider how this may affect their programming:

  • BBC
  • BBFC
  • Channel 4

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