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Regional Newspapers | AQA MEST2 Creating Media

jeremy | Thursday December 01, 2011

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA AS, Advertising, More on Advertising, Hot Entries, New Media, Digital Media, New Technologies, News, More on News, Regional News, Production Zone, Web Production

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MEST2 Coursework Overview 2011-12.ppt

All teacher-assessed marks to be returned to AQA by 10 January 2012 or 15 May 2012

Link: AQA MEST2 Briefs

Brief Two | Regional Newspapers

A regional newspaper is about to run a month long campaign promoting local sports. The newspaper has an online presence and is keen to use its website as a focus for information, as well as featuring a range of sports related features in its print product to broaden the reach of the promotion. Local businesses are helping to fund the promotion through advertising and sponsorship. You work for the newspaper and have been asked to produce materials to be included as part of the promotion.

Tasks - You have to choose two of these tasks.

(a) Broadcasting

Create a two minute moving image piece on local sporting achievements to be included as a streaming video on the newspaper’s website.

The piece should be presented in the style of a broadcast news report and can cover any types of sport you feel will be of interest to your target audience.

(b) Print

Create a print based product to be included within the newspaper as part of the sport promotion.

You can choose from the following or create other print based materials that you consider appropriate (totalling three pages of A4 or the equivalent).

Your product should use design codes and conventions that are appropriate for a form you select.

You should try and create visual interest by using a variety of images as illustrations.

  • A feature on a local sporting personality and their achievements
  • A feature on a sport that would be of interest to an audience that may not be interested in football, rugby or cricket
  • A glossy insert to be distributed with the newspaper detailing the sporting facilities available locally. The insert should provide information about the facilities and the range of services they offer.
  • You’ll need advertorials in your glossy leaflet. An advertorial is an article...

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