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Rob Miller | Thursday August 09, 2012

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, OCR AS, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Key Concepts, Media Language, Hot Entries, Radio, Intro to Radio

  • Radio seeks to entertain, educate, inform, persuade & generate income
  • Digital developments mean that most Radio stations can, or will be received through our Computers or Television – important development for old ‘ILR’ stations
  • Auditory codes = words, music & sound effects
  • Radio relies on listeners understanding of other Media Codes e.g. Television, Newspapers, Advertising (remember Radio came first before TV)
  • Encodes Auditory signifiers to create meaning
  • Role of audience – to visualize sound
  • Key Signifier – the human voice. Conveys a variety of emotions
  • Style of presentation is often as important as Content
  • Voices can be diverse e.g. accents in The Archers (country accent but in the Midlands) Accents can signify geographical locations and ideas about ‘types’ of people – stereotyping.  See also R4, R3 newsreaders – connotations of sophistication / social class / wealth
  • Voices, Music & Sound effects create mood / atmosphere
  • Codes of Presentation help to identify and keep Target Audience. Sometimes known as the ‘Rhetorics of Presentation’. Examples include Capital Radio – upbeat, connotations of youth/movement/popular culture. Magic – friendly, relaxed, inclusive, signifies its association with gendered audiences. Radio 3 – austere, connotations of exclusivity, high culture, social class, education.
  • Target Audience can be identified in terms of Age, Gender, Class, Lifestyle & Income bracket
  • Modes of Address – the way the radio text is ‘speaking’ to you.
  • Selection & Construction (what is included and how it is presented) can reveal evidence of encoded ideologies e.g. Radio 2 – Easy listening = connotations of more traditional ideology embracing middle age / not bucking the system / laissez faire / family ethos. FLR (Lewisham) – soul, jazz, reggae, news specifically aimed at the black community: challenges what it considers as other radio stations non-inclusive ideologies through their content,...

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