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Radio Podcasts Level 1

Annette Rizzo | Tuesday August 24, 2010

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Radio Podcasts, Skills, Podcasts, Podcasts for Students, Podcasts for Teachers

This series of podcasts on radio and radio production is in three parts: Levels One, Two & Three. Level One is the most basic and Level Three is the most complex. This is Level One and is the simplest. Annette Rizzo is a professional voice artist and agent. In the 25 years she’s spent in the industry she has worked in the following capacities:

  • Lecturer at University of Winchester
  • Freelance Producer
  • Presenter
  • Reporter at BBC, UK Commercial Radio & US NPR

This includes commercials, corporate videos and presentations, e-learning, web work, audiobooks and more, as well as advertising copywriting.

We’re very lucky to have Annette on the team and think her podcasts will provide an engaging and swift insight into radio. For more information visit Annette’s website:


Listen to Annette Rizzo’s podcasts below to get a better understanding of Radio and Radio Production Skills.

1. In the Beginning: The Unique Excitement of Radio

2. Choosing and Using Audio Equipment: Requirements for Basic Interviewing

3. On Air: Past Masters and Current Competitors

4. Subject Selection and Idea Generation: Choosing an Audience Pleaser

5. Who and Why: Researching, Finding and Contacting Suitable Interviewees

6. Vox Pops: Let The People Have Their Say

7. Basic Interviewing: Tips and Techniques


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