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Richard Gent | Tuesday November 03, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Magazine Production, Admin, Staffroom, Contribute

I currently teach OCR Media Studies A Level and we complete the music magazine brief for our Foundation Portfolio. Currently, we use Publisher to produce our magazines and our OCR moderator report has suggested we upgrade our technology. Do you have any experience of InDesign and is it the best software to go for this type of work? I have a limited budget and want to make sure that I am spending it in the correct way. Additionally, if you know of an alternative that you think is good or cost effective then I would most grateful for your recommendation. Thanks, Hayley

InDesign is great. Have you thought about Gimp? It’s free software and works very like Photoshop. Good if on a budget! Tess Lewis

I have just purchased Adobe Creative Suite but waiting for it to arrive for the same reason. I’ve just purchased it for one Mac to trial it as it is £230 per year’s subscription. I can provide more info once I get it and have a play on it! Zoe Hitchens

Yes. InDesign is industry standard. Adobe CS6 has many programmes suitable for Media Studies. Holly Fairbrother

In my experience, InDesign is the best software for this type of work. Photoshop is also useful for image manipulation before layout in InDesign. Both are probably not too expensive if an educational licence is purchased but I am not sure about costing. Please share this link with Hayley. You can post questions and usually get an answer from the OCR community pretty quickly. You can also search for previous posts using key word. Hope this helps. Amit Jadeja

InDesign looks great, although we haven’t had the budget to buy it; we do have Photoshop which strictly speaking shouldn’t be used to desktop publish but can be persuaded with the right mindset. I think with Office (Publisher included) it’s more about approaching what the software can do with an open mind and avoiding the templates completely. I did my own MEST2 coursework a couple of years ago on Word for example. David...

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