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Richard Gent | Monday October 19, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Primary & Secondary Research, Admin, Staffroom, Contribute

I was wondering if you could offer me any advice about websites, journals or books that my A2 students can use to support their critical investigation. The exam board has suggested that we need to expand our secondary research away from the internet. Do you have any advice about how they can access more academic resources? Many thanks, Pip

Google Scholar is great for articles on specific subjects in students’ topic areas, even if it is an extract or PDF. Sonia Livingstone’s Handbook of New Media is great for multi-platform and convergence as is Convergence by Jenkins. Storey’s Cultural Theory and Popular Culture has a great range of theory and cultural practice in it that covers a wide range of cultural ideas that underpin most texts and inherent debates. Theresa Manuel

I used to go into the library at the University of York with my Year 13s for an afternoon having hunted down some likely useful texts first. I then stood at the photocopier whilst students brought me relevant pages of academic texts they have found. U of Y library is free for members of public to browse. I’m guessing other higher educational establishments are similar. Ben Patchesa

This is a difficult one as more and more our students focus solely on the internet. What I do is make mine look in Media textbooks, at least for confirmation of what I have told them about the various theories and debates. I would recommend the Routledge AS & A2 Series by Antony Bateman et al and the Gill Branston/Roy Stafford Media Student’s Books as good starting places, as well as Media and Society: Critical Perspectives by Graeme Burton, and Media Studies: Texts, Production, Context by Long and Wall. There are also a number of online journals students can access. Have you tried JSTOR and Google Scholar? You have to create a login for JSTOR but students can access a few for free. If you have a local library, they may also have access to online journals and academic books. Bucks County...

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