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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 20

Shirley Bierman | Tuesday June 16, 2009

Categories: Nationals

UK Film Studies

Teaching ideas for Unit 20 – UK Film Studies

For this unit it is recommended that you watch at least one contemporary British film in class and one other and tell the students to continue watching others outside of school. Try to vary the genres of the two films watched in class as this will help them to focus on later assignment tasks.

For instance, you could show a selection of extracts, or whole films depending on time, from films like “Slumdog Millionaire?, “The Boat That Rocked?, “Shaun of the Dead?, “Bullet Boy?, “This is England?, “The Queen? as well as “Four Weddings and a Funeral? which can be used as background to Working Title and help with the prep work for their case study in AO1 (

Students may wish to search through the Brit Films website to help to find out information about the British Council and UK Film Industry as well as who does what in the UK Film Industry as well as looking at the UK Film Council about filming and distribution. These sites will prepare them for AO1 and help in their presentations.


AO1 – Present information about the UK film industry

This could be done as a PowerPoint presentation with the student talking over their slides to further show knowledge as well as allowing them to reference a case study of particular film companies and the films they produce. Their presentation will need to include what constitutes a British film which needs to include the ideas of: using a British director, having the location set in Britain, use of a British cast and how it has been funded.

They will need to look at how a film is produced and the impact of digital technology. Your students could have a trip out to the cinema to see a new British film and use that as part of their case study – they could investigate how it has been marketed, they could investigate the cinema...

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