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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 2

Shirley Bierman | Tuesday June 09, 2009

Categories: Nationals

Pre-production and Planning

Level 3 National Certificate / Diploma in Media

The Brief | Concept

For this unit you are part of a multi-skilled team that plans to make a unisex magazine for teenagers aged 14 years and upwards. You will also need to advertise this magazine on radio, the internet and on TV learning audio, visual and audio-visual skills.

It will need to be heavy on visuals, glossy, and a midway price so that it is affordable by the target audience and makes them feel they are buying it as part of their lifestyle statement.

This target audience are trend-setters who have a bit of extra cash in their pockets. They travel a bit, are interested in films, music and clothes.

The type of stories will need to include interviews, film reviews and a page written and produced by different young people every month with our assistance: music reviews, internet sites of interest, theatre, books etc.

We want to see a non-judgemental ethical stance throughout. We do not want to alienate our readers, especially over issues such as drugs, sexuality etc.

You will need to clearly identify your contribution to each task and make sure that you carry out a range of skills across the media and experience different roles.


We’re looking for a distinctive style where jeans and T-shirts look “cool? anywhere in the magazine. We want a firm border to each page with an experimental feel, with mixed typography to give a subversive but safe feel.

Cost Implications

These are difficult to assess at this stage but we are looking for a five/eight strong team with emphasis on camera skills for each journalist.

There will be no separate sub-editor so the production team and the editor will have to take responsibility for ensuring copy is okay.

We will need computers, the usual repro facilities (photocopying), overheads will be low and deadlines tight.

One of the biggest expenses will be the paper for reproduction, as the magazine must avoid a...

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