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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 17

Shirley Bierman | Wednesday June 30, 2010

Categories: Nationals

Teaching Ideas for Design and Layout in Graphic Products

This is based on the students designing graphic products for the music industry (e.g. a solo artist or group); the focus should be a simulation and become client based so make your brief suggest that the students work for a design production company who have been asked to create new flyers (front and back), CD covers (front, back and inserts inside the CD itself) and posters for this new music star.

As their client, you will need to have regular meetings with them to make sure that they have gained appropriate feedback to help them revisit their work and make suitable changes before finally presenting to a focus group and the client again.

AO1 – Analyse a range of graphic design products

The students will need to look at Four products for this assessment objective; you could specify what to look at: posters, flyers, brochures and CD covers all linked to the music industry so that there is a link between what they are physically looking at and what they will go on to produce for future assessment objectives.

This assessment objective could be presented on A3 paper with the product in the middle, clearly marked with annotations, to clearly reference its fitness for purpose, target audience, content, format and actual design and layout.

The students may have flyers for clubs/artists and other brochures that could be scanned in for the class to access to see existing and professionally produced work.

This unit requires that the students have access to many designs of various products so have a bank of materials (posters/DVD cases/menus/adverts/pamphlets/programmes for fetes/PTA meetings/fund raising events etc) to show them and to discuss.

It would be good to look at one as a whole class and get them to share their ideas on layout, colours, positioning of text, choice of images used etc before they do any of the assessment objectives listed below.

There is an analysis of a CD...

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