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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 13

Shirley Bierman | Tuesday June 09, 2009

Categories: Nationals

Factual Writing for Print Products

Level 3 National Diploma in Media

The Brief

For this unit you work for a commissioning editor who will require you to prepare a portfolio of evidence including a leading hard news story (200-300 words); a feature article of no more than 800-1000 words and two other items of your own choice such as: adverts, reviews of products (not films or music), fillers, text of a toddler’s non-fiction book or even a chapter on a book about sport.


What the specification says:

By completing this unit, you will recognise that writing is a business and that almost all professional writing is produced for a particular market and type of reader.

You will be able to carry out effective and comprehensive research for your own writing. You will realise that all writers use a formula for style and structure.

You will gain practical skills in this unit by completing drafts, proof-reading for accuracy and preparing final copy (for submission to an editor).

Assessment Objectives

1. Explore the market for factual writing
2. Research content for non-fiction print products
3. Prepare drafts following conventions
4. Prepare the final copy for submission

You will need to make sure that your assessment portfolio has clear headings and covers all of the following assessment objectives that are in bold.

Make sure all your pages are numbered clearly.

Try to make your submissions visually interesting by using some scanned pictures of the newspapers, magazines or book publishers etc that you are writing about.

1. Explore the market for factual writing

You need to look at six of the following publishers and create six business files:

  • A broadsheet newspaper *
  • A tabloid newspaper *
  • A Local or regional newspaper *
  • A lifestyle magazine *
  • A specialist magazine *
  • A children’s publisher
  • A news or advertising agency *
  • Publishers of textbooks or instruction manuals
  • A website publisher

(* = the ones recommended that...

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