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OCR Nationals Level 3 Unit 11 - Career Planning in the Media Industry

Shirley Bierman | Sunday August 22, 2010

Categories: Nationals

The Brief

You have just finished your media degree and are now excited to get a job and join the world of work. You will need to research one sector of your choice within the media industry in detail from the following sectors: Print/TV/Radio/Film/New Media or the Games industry.

You will then need to apply for a fun and challenging job within that industry by creating a professional presentation and portfolio. You will deliver this information in an innovative and interesting way. You will have a formal interview that will convince your future employer that you are the best candidate for the job.


What the specification says:

By completing this unit candidates will demonstrate understanding of employment trends within the media industry. They will research career areas and draw up a personal career plan. Candidates will describe methods of presenting personal information and will develop their practical skills by planning and taking part in an interview and presentation situation for a specific job role.

1. Analyse national employment trends within one sector of the media industry within one sector of The media industry

2. Carry out research using a range of sources of information on career opportunities within a selected area of the media industry

3. Produce a career plan for the next five years

4. Describe the advantages and the disadvantages of preparing and presenting personal information for a job situation in different formats.

5. Plan for an interview and presentation for a specific job role

6. Take part in an interview and presentation for a specific job role and evaluate own performance

In order to achieve this unit you will need to provide a portfolio of evidence showing that you can meet all of the assessment objectives.

You will need to produce the work independently. You should look at the grading criteria of Pass, Merit or Distinction to help you assess your own work.

AO1 – Analyse national...

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