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OCR Nationals Level 2 Induction Work

Shirley Bierman | Friday September 25, 2009

Categories: Nationals

Research and Analysis

Research the following organisations and write a sentence explaining what types of media products they produce and what other media links they have:

  • Emap
  • Radio 1
  • News International
  • Guardian Media Group
  • AOL Time Warner
  • Associated Newspapers Ltd

Who is Rupert Murdoch? Do a character profile of him and find a suitable image of him to annotate with all your findings.

Find two print based advertisements from a magazine (perfume/aftershave are good here as they have people in their advertisements but try to find two different products) and do a “reading? of them.

Look at the example that is annotated of the Christian Lacroix image.

Try to think about the best way to present your work here – if you have access to A3 paper stick the advertisements onto A3 and annotate them as shown in the example. You could scan the images into your computer to present them professionally.

You will need to explore the following ideas for both of the advertisements:

  • What is the product that you are describing?
  • What colours have been used and why?
  • What type of pose has been used?
  • What type of message comes across about the product from the advertisement?
  • Has the photograph been cropped – if so why?
  • Who is the product’s targeted audience?
  • What type of font has been used and why?
  • Is the shot indoors or outdoors? Why does this matter?
  • Is it clear what is being advertised?
  • Does it fall into a genre? (Romance, horror, science-fiction etc)
  • What other words (copy) have been used on the advertisement?
  • Is this a successful or unsuccessful advertisement – why?
  • Would you buy this product because of this advertisement?

Practical Work

Create your own advertisement for a product from the following choices listed here that would appear in a magazine like NME who has a target audience of 15+ with the bulk of readers falling into 23+ (mostly males):

  • Mobile phone
  • iPod
  • Hair gel

You should try to take your own photographs (you can use...

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