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OCR Nationals Induction Level 3

Richard Gent | Monday September 28, 2009

Categories: Nationals

OCR Nationals Level 3

Overview for Induction Work

Students who are studying this course may well have studied this at GCSE and enjoyed it and that is why they have chosen to do it at this level.

However, there will also be some students who are interested in the practical nature of the course and may be completely unfamiliar with the Key Concepts having never studied GCSE Media or Film Studies.

Therefore, the induction work will be a way to introduce some of the key concepts without overwhelming the students with any intense theory. It will also give them their first taster to the way the course will be structured.

The purpose of this induction work is to allow the students to understand that at certain points in the course they will need to do some detailed textual analysis and some deconstruction of texts (particularly in the first unitUnit 1Introduction to Media and Textual Analysis).

The induction work has been geared towards the students studying for the Certificate (equivalent of one A Level) and for the Diploma (equivalent of two A Levels).

This induction work covers textual analysis of advertisements and highlights the key concepts of Representation, Audience, Language, Narrative and Institution.

It will also prepare them for the type of practical work expected at Level 3.

The students will gain skills in photography and design and layout which will be reiterated in various units throughout the whole Level 3 course.

They will also have their first attempt at evaluative writing which plays a pivotal role in all of the units they will have to study.

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