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OCR Nationals Induction Level 2

Shirley Bierman | Saturday September 26, 2009

Categories: Nationals

OCR Nationals Level 2

Overview for Induction Work

Students who are studying this course may not be familiar with any Media Studies Key Concepts so this may well be their first introduction to the subject.

Therefore, the students will need to have some basic introductory work to make them aware of what the course will cover. Other students may have taken GCSE Media Studies but not achieved a high grade but still enjoyed the subject to want to continue it at this Level.

This preparatory work before the course begins allows the students to get a real feel for the subject and see what the course may well require from them.

The induction work at Level 2 allows the students to realise they will have to do some research activities on their own and investigate media industries as a whole.

By looking at adverts and doing an analysis they are developing their media literate skills and learning how media products are targeted towards a specific target audience.

They will learn the four key concepts of: Media Language, Media Institutions, Media Audience and Media Representation through their own findings.

The annotated advert mentioned as an example can be found in “GCSE Media Studies for AQA? Mandy Esseen, Martin Phillips and Anne Riley (Heinemann,2004) ISBN: 0-435-10969-3 (page number = 164)

They do not need to do this as a written activity but may choose to present their findings as a recorded video or audio file. This will allow them to gain more practical hands-on skills and allows for students who have weaker written skills to progress in a more practical way and not make them feel excluded from this subject.

The induction work provided will show the students that the units they have to do will always offer them a chance to do some sort of practical work as well and that it is not meant to be a written based only type of subject.

It will offer skills in photography, radio editing, video editing and enable students to work...

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