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OCR H409 A Level Media Studies Unit 9 Media Audience+ Workbook Student

Barry Rainsford | Sunday June 21, 2015

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level

Lesson 1: Introducing Key Ideas

Media audience is identified by your examination board as a significant part of the Media Framework. Learning about and understanding audience will enable you to apply the media framework in a much more sophisticated way. It enables you to create additional depth in your analysis of media products and the industry that creates them as well as adding rea{l focus to your own NEA portfolio.

Learning about and then understanding media audience will enable you, your class, your teacher, to discuss the role of the media in our society in a much more thoughtful manner and continue your path to examination success. With an understanding of media audience much of the knowledge you have already acquired will become even more powerful for you.

Whatever its size or make-up, every media product has an audience, an intended ‘reader’/recipient of the product.

This may be the tight group of friends for your post on Facebook. You know them, understand their reason for viewing your posts, can anticipate their reaction to what you post, know what they will find interesting or provocative.

You may have a wider audience for your postings on Instagram or twitter. You understand that these postings although intended for those same friends who you directly know may also be picked up by others who you don’t know – distant followers or browsers. Here you have less understanding of their reactions to your images, though you may be able to predict that the very fact they are accessing them offers you some insight into the ‘type’ of audience they are.

These same issues that surround your media products and messages apply to commercial mass media. A Tarantino film (for example) is a commercial product shot with an intended audience in mind – people who like Tarantino movies, fans of the action or crime genre.
The issue here is that this product costs tens of millions to produce. The institutions that make it...

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