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OCR H409 A Level Media Studies Unit 9 Media Audience+ SOL Teacher

Barry Rainsford | Sunday June 21, 2015

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, Key Concepts, Introductory Resources, Intro to Media Audiences, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Audience, Magazines, Music, New Media, News, Print, Radio, Television, Theory, Media Theorists

The assumption of all of the New Specification Edusites units is that the Online Lesson-by-Lesson Slides and the Teacher Scheme of Learning are interlinked – any confusion with one is resolved by reading it in conjunction with the other.

Lesson 1: Introducing Key Ideas

Slides 1-19


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about audience as part of the Core Framework
  • Learning : To build ideas of how to consider the impact of media on audience
  • Understanding : To develop understanding by analysis of examples

Starter/Loop Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 2 Task 1A Pupils asked to consider the question from the Lesson Resource: Made in Chelsea Season 4 promotion: who are the audience?

Prepare the Learning (5 minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting, and that this unit is designed to help them prepare for the two papers of the examination and their NEA. All skills and strategies are transferable.

Construct the Learning (20 minutes)

Slides 4-7 This is very important – the basic ideas of the work of this unit and the concerns of the Core Framework: Media Audience are outlined. Select as appropriate the ideas/issue to develop in the lesson.

Slide 8 Task 1B Use the definition as starting point for opening ideas of what ‘audience’ is in media studies. Use this as baseline point for the learning.

Slides 9-11 Outline key ideas of the work in the unit and the ideas that they must become familiar with. Slide 12 Task 1C Review the work from the loop activity. This is developed by the exemplar model response on Slide 13 to indicate the issues they need to consider in exploring audience and products. The ideas are summarized on Slide 14.

Application of Learning (25 minutes: class and individual work)

Slides 15-18 The work on these slides (Tasks 1D-1F) are all based on the C4 sit-com Derry Girls. I selected Derry Girls as this is a product aimed at the students themselves as part of the...

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