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OCR GCSE TV Comedy Mock Exam Exemplar Response 2

Rob Miller | Tuesday July 21, 2015

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Key Concepts, Audience, Hot Entries, Television, Television Comedy, Theory, Audience Theory, Admin, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

Edusites Media Sample Exemplar (Extended): Section B Television and/or Radio Comedy

You are advised to spend 45 minutes on this Section.

The total number of marks for this section is 30.

Answer both parts of this question using comedy programmes you have studied.

4. (a)  Explain, in detail why one comedy programme was chosen by one channel and scheduled at one time on one day.

Write the details of your programme in the box below.    (15)

Mock The Week has been continuously scheduled on BBC Two since 2005 with older episodes airing on Dave. BBC Two has an older, more educated ABC1 target audience, sometimes referred to as ‘high brow’ that would appreciate the intellectual humour of the programme. BBC Two have retained the programme as after 10 years of being broadcast on the channel, it maintains ratings of 3.5 million which is creditable for BBC Two, but also evidencing commercial success within an era of multichannel television, digitisation and significant competition from other comedy news panel shows like the more historically embedded Have I Got News for You - this comedy moved from BBC Two to the more mainstream channel BBC One. The programme is a perfect match for the channel in terms of how it addresses the audience in relation to its content, which although not high brow suggests a level of understanding and awareness of national, and global contemporary news - a detailed breakdown of the target audience of both would evidence this with a primary demographic of ABC1, 35-55 aspirers, reformers and to a lesser extent individualists who are predominantly male, politically liberal or left of centre and with a social conscience.

The reason it is scheduled post watershed at 10pm is because of the risqué content or more significantly, the irreverent treatment of news stories by the panel. I studied episode 5 from series 14 and this is evident immediately, even from the title sequence where the status of mainstream...

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