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OCR GCSE TV Comedy Glossary of Media Language

Rob Miller | Wednesday April 15, 2015

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Key Concepts, Media Language, Understanding Media, Hot Entries, Television, Television Comedy

Audience pleasures: Sometimes written as audience appeals, it is the enjoyment that is gained from a TV Comedy e.g. identification with character in Celebrity Juice or alternative representations in Misfits. There are a wide range of audience pleasures of TV Comedy.

Uses and Gratifications theory: TV Comedy can be understood using this theoretical audience model as it is escapist (diversion), audience can often identify with characters (personal identity), they can talk to other people online or on social networks about the latest TV Comedy (developing personal relationships) and are given information (surveillance) on a situation for example.

Slot: The scheduled time a TV comedy is broadcast.

Transmission: Similar to the term broadcast, it means when the programme is given out to audience using television networks.

Watershed: Some TV Comedies use a significant amount of swearing and have sexual references and because of this, are shown after the watershed (9pm). Sky Plus however, VOD and streaming has challenged the concept of the watershed.

Mode of Address: The way a media text speaks to its audience – most TV Comedy has an upbeat mode of address.

Stereotypes: Labels that are given to individuals or groups – TV Comedy often relies on exaggerated representation for humour, entertainment and audience identification.

Script: Some sub genres of TV Comedy e.g. Sitcoms have a full script that is written in advance. Other sub genres like Stand Up and Panel/Quiz shows often have a very basic, loose shooting script that develops when the show is airs.

Disequilibrium: TC Comedies often use chaos or problems as starting point to bounce the humour off.

Disruption: Something that happens in a TV Comedy that is the agent of the humour.

Sub genre: Different types of TV Comedy that have their own set of codes and conventions e.g. Sitcom, Stand Up, Sketch Show and Quiz/Panel show.

Studio audience: Some TV Comedies, like Panel/Quiz...

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