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OCR GCSE Media Studies Lifestyle Magazines Overview Planner

Barry Rainsford | Monday June 06, 2016

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Magazines, Teenage & Lifestyle Magazines

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Introduction for Teachers

Lifestyle magazine publishing is a staple of media output. A genre evolved from a long tradition of publishing, it has come to be one of the most popular genre, accounting in its many sub-genre guises for so much of the output of publishers across the globe. Its popularity makes it an interesting topic for study, inviting students to take their familiarity with the basic structures of Q1 into deeper learning and understanding of how this appeal is constructed through the manipulation of media language in Q2. It also allows scope for an awareness of how the representations explored in Q3 can sustain ideas with far deeper implications for our society.

It is a product that has been commodified, and we are faced with the realization that, as this morphs into hyper-commercialization, one of the inevitable fall-outs is the often stereotypical and conventional nature of the product and the impact of this on its audience, particularly those aimed at young women.

Whatever its guises, the genre is a key element of the media and worthy of a great deal of our attention. For our students, TV and film are often the glossy attraction of studying this subject discipline, but the work in this unit hopes to convince them that our concerns need to be even more around the influence of other products in shaping our ideas about the modern world - providing a base for representations, ideologies, and social narratives that are important for us all to consider.

….The quality of answers for this paper continues to rise. Candidates appear well-prepared for the demands of...

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