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OCR GCSE Media Studies B321 Video Games Brief

Rob Miller | Tuesday January 08, 2013

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Games, Computer Games, Video Games, Hot Entries, New Media, Digital Media, New Technologies

Controlled Assessment (120 Marks)

Topic 10: Video Games

Analytical Task (60 Marks)

  1. Identify 2 x Video Games – Halo and World of Warcraft
  2. Research/make notes on the history / origins of FPS (First Person Shooter) and RPG (Role Playing Games) - not to be handed in.
  3. Watch YouTube trailers and game play footage and make notes on Halo and World of Warcraft in terms of Genre Conventions, Narrative, Representations, Institution and Audience - not to be handed in.
  4. Develop under Controlled Assessment Conditions (to be saved and handed in at the end of each lesson) an analysis of: Representation of Masculinity in Halo and World of Warcraft.
  5. This may be in the form of a Word Processed analysis (800-1500 words with screenshots, split into sections), PowerPoint Presentation (10-15 Slides, again with screenshots and making full use of the software) or a 5 minute Podcast. ANALYSE EACH VIDEO GAME SEPARATELY USING THE FOLOWING SECTIONS:
  • Introduction to Case Study (Developer/Publisher, Year of Release, Production, and Distribution)
  • Introduce Masculinity as an area of study using media language
  • Analyse representation of masculinity in Halo and World of Warcraft focussing on 2 or 3 levels or footage in both games, again using technical and media language
  • Conclude your case studies – compare similarities and differences.

Production Task (40 Marks)

Storyboard the teaser trailer of a new RPG Video Game.

  1. Study and take notes on the conventions of RPG trailers in class.
  2. Identify the title of a new Role Playing Game after developing your understanding of the genre from studying World of Warcraft in Task 1.
  3. The storyboard should be between 12-20 frames and contain visual and audio analysis, including an interpretation of how audiences will decode meaning. It must follow video game trailer conventions and be clearly identifiable from the codes and conventions of the genre - this must be clearly evident from the start. The storyboard should include...

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