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OCR GCSE Media Studies B321 Controlled Assessment

Rob Miller | Saturday August 30, 2014

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Film, Film Promotion, Key Concepts, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

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120 Marks, 30% OF GCSE

It is recommended by OCR that between 25-30 hours is spent on this controlled assessment unit and introduced before B324, a practical production unit which will benefit from the analytical skills, use of media langauge and understanding of representation learnt during B321.

The unit comprises 30% of the total GCSE marks and involves the pupil/candidate individually developing a portfolio containing a comparative analytical assignment, a production exercise and a planning and evaluative commentary. The comparative analytical assignment is based on at least two media texts from a selection of set topics produced by OCR.

A minimum of two media must be covered in he portfolio and the assignment will focus on:

  • Media Language
  • Representation

Breakdown of Marks

  • 60 Marks: Comparative analytical assignment based on at least two actual media texts “demonstrating an understanding of how meanings are created using key media concepts and appropriate terminology?.
  • 40 Marks: Production exercise linked to the assignment “demonstrating an ability to research, plan and construct media products using appropriate skills?.
  • 20 Marks: Evaluative commentary on the planning process and the production exercise, together with evidence of planning “demonstrating an ability to construct and evaluate own products using creative and technical skills?.
  • The assignment must be a comparative study.
  • A topic must be selected from the OCR menu
  • The assignment asks how representations of individuals, groups, events or places are created and what socially significant message and values are constructed.
  • The texts can be contemporary or non-contemporary and “can be from a national context”.
  • The format can be word processed, submitted as a slide presentation e.g. PowerPoint or Prezi or as a podcast.
  • When written, the word count should be 800-1500 words and divided into sections.
  • If a PowerPoint, 15-25 slides are...

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