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OCR GCSE B322 Moving Image Mock Exam

Barry Rainsford | Saturday May 17, 2014


Edusites Media Specimen Exam

Section A is worth 50 Marks, the whole paper is worth 80 Marks.

Section A: Textual Analysis

Watch the Moving Image Extract.

  • You will have three minutes to read all the questions before the extract begins.
  • The extract will be screened four times.
  • For the first screening just watch, do not make any notes.
  • During the second screening take notes.
  • There will be a break for you to take further notes.
  • The extract will be screened a third time, followed by another short break.
  • There will be a fourth screening during which you can again take notes.

The extract from is from the film The Mummy Returns (Director Stephen Sommers, 2001). See YouTube clip below.


1. Explain two ways the narrative (characters and events) in the extract fits the action adventure genre.
 Use examples from the extract in your answer. [10]

2. Explain how each of the following elements is used to create effects:

  • soundtrack
  • editing

  • mise-en-scène
  • camerawork

You should use at least two examples from the extract for each element. [20]

3. Discuss the representations in the extract. Refer to stereotypes in your answer.
 Use examples from the extract.

You might consider the representation of:

  • gender
  • race and nationality
  • heroes and villains
  • family and friendship [20]

Section B. Media Topic: Television and/or Radio comedy

Answer both parts of this question using comedy programmes you have studied.

4. (a) Explain why two programmes were chosen by two different channels. Then explain why each channel chose one time and one day to schedule the programme. [15]

Programme 1

Programme 2

4. (b) Discuss how two programmes offer different audience pleasures. Give at least one example from each programme. [15]

Programme 1

Programme 2

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