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OCR G325 A2 Media Studies Section A 1b Essay Plan: Narrative

Rob Miller | Friday March 20, 2015

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Analyse Narrative in one of your Coursework Productions

“I will be analysing my thriller opening sequence which I filmed and edited as my main task which formed part of my Foundation Portfolio in Media. In class, we studied narrative in existing Thriller films such as Psycho, Seven, Man with the Golden Arm, Taken 3, Skyfall and Escape Plan. This enabled us to fully understand how narrative can be applied to our own productions?.



– Discuss Narrative Structure, Narrative (in relation to genre), Narrative Themes, Narrative Enigma, Narrative Theory but limit yourself, these can be all significantly in depth areas of study.

    Narrative Structure:
  • Is your sequence linear (conventions of an opening sequence) or more obviously non-linear as in Run Lola Run?
  • Does your sequence suggest a single stranded structure (it’s OK if it is not) e.g. “it explores the aspirations of one central protagonist and his struggles against adversity in his fight to hunt down the men who kidnapped his daughter?? The Taken thrillers are single stranded but Seven is more multi stranded.
  • Does your opening sequence imply a classic 3-act structure (beginning, middle, end) in terms of characters, setting and problem introduced? If realised into a full production would the narrative be open ended or closed.
  • Develop Todorov’s four act structure early on – does your opening sequence suggest equilibrium and does it go as far as narrative disruption?

Narrative Themes:

  • Is your thriller British? Are there any social issues explored in the sequence e.g. crime, social class, alienation, neglect, notions of ‘the outsider’ (this could link with genre hybdridisation) e.g. “my opening sequence explores narrative themes of isolation, neglect, notions of the outsider which reflects deliberate hybridisation with the genre of social realism – a genre where narrative themes are commonly found?.
  • How are narrative themes anchored e.g. by use of...

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