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OCR G325 A2 Media Studies Extended Exemplar

Rob Miller | Sunday August 24, 2014

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production

In question 1 (a) you need to write about your work for the Foundation Portfolio and Advanced Portfolio units and you may refer to other media production work you have undertaken.

1(a) Describe how your analysis of the conventions of real media texts informed your own creative practice. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how these skills developed over time. (25 Marks)

For 21-25 marks: “There is a clear sense of progression and of how examples have been selected, and a range of articulate reflections on creative media practice. There is a fluent evaluation of progress made over time. Candidates offer a broad range of specific, relevant and clear examples of real media conventions in relation to creative practice. The use of media terminology and production terms is excellent?.

For my foundation portfolio I designed the front page, contents page and double page spread of a new hybrid indie/rock magazine while for my advanced portfolio I filmed and edited a 45 second teaser trailer for a new social realist film as part of a group of 4. I also independently designed the front cover of a new independent film magazine and a poster promoting my film.

As a hybridised media product, my magazine conforms to Henry Jenkins theory that genre constantly ‘breaks rules’ and that one way of evidencing this is through evolving hybridisation – we studied NME, Kerrang! and Q magazine and in particular studied front covers which have clearly recognised the need to hybridise to appeal to a broader demographic. NME covers for example would typically run with the lead singer of Biffy Clyro framed centrally in medium shot as the main image reflecting its historical genre priority and primary target audience but also cover lines promoting features on rock artists like the Rolling Stones and Linkin Park (themselves a band that represent the same genre hybrid).

On my front cover I...

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