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OCR AS Media Studies Overview

jeremy | Sunday September 06, 2009

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS

An Overview - Unit G322 Key Media Concepts

As this is a new course it is important to have an overview so that you know what you have let yourself in for.

OCR suggest that theory and coursework support each other and develop along side each other. The suggested learning time is that students receive 180 ‘guided learning hours’ per year. You could divide this half and half between class work and homework.

I think you have more control over quality and deadlines if as much coursework as possible is done in classroom time and with school/college facilities. It is worth being tough over this.

Some students may want to work with video editing etc at home – I strongly suggest you do not allow this, as you are unlikely to see the course work until the deadline, which will mean you have no control over quality. Also some formats may not be compatible and this could cause problems.

As a moderator I find that a lot of the best work comes from schools/colleges who exercise a lot of quality control (not assistance) by keeping coursework in supervised time.



This is the full range of briefs which you should NOT give to students.

Choose the briefs that are deliverable with the resources and expertise you have available. It might be a good idea to make sure that AS are doing a different brief to A2 in terms of kit. Foundation could do radio work while A2 might do video – then the scarce video cameras are only available to A2 students.

Start the year with the TV Drama analysis unit G322. This is a good introduction to the Key Skills and Key Concepts of television production. Once they know how to analyse moving images then they are better prepared to create their own in print, video or website.

If you choose to do audio then start with radio drama. By the way Audacity is the best low cost (free) audio editing software.

Before starting course work make sure that you have enough kit available–...

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