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OCR AS Media Studies G321 Print Brief Coursework Guide

Rob Miller | Monday September 30, 2013

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Hot Entries, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media

Print Brief

  • 50% of AS Qualification
  • Presentation of Research and Planning: 20 marks
  • Construction: 60 marks
  • Evaluation: 20 marks
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OCR Exemplar: Lower Level 4 (DPS not included)

  • Material appropriate for task – Indie/Pop hybrid genre
  • Clear understanding of layout and design – Well structured, recognising real media conventions. House style evident through colour palette, font, choice of images, graphics.
  • Variations in typography – font type, size and style
  • Appropriate language register – inclusive mode of address recognising a degree of audience cultural capital
  • Appropriate use of digital technology – clear evidence of the use of appropriate DTP software and the manipulation of text and image during post-production using a wide range of tools and effects including cropping and resizing.
  • Appropriate integration of illustration and text – ratio of text and image recognising real media conventions and suitably integrated
  • Appropriate shooting of material – clear evidence of well-organised photo shoots exploiting the potential of original photography.

This OCR G321 brief requires students/pupils to initially develop their own blog, build a thorough, in-depth Research and Planning portfolio, design as close to industry standard Construction as possible following genre conventions and organise a self reflective, audio-visual Evaluation – the Evaluation should be based on 7, not necessarily restrictive key questions (see bottom of resource).

It has been acknowledged by OCR that the expectations and extent of the 20 mark Research and Planning and Evaluation Portfolio are considerable and can take nearly as much time as the Construction to complete but – both are fundamentally linked e.g. through Research and Planning flat plans, drafts, annotations, questionnaires etc. linking directly to the production.

Within the Research and Planning and Evaluation...

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