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OCR AS G323 Radio Drama Scheme

jeremy | Wednesday September 02, 2009

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Radio Drama, More on Radio

This unit is an alternative to studying G322 Television Drama. For some students and centres it will be more attractive than TV Drama especially for students interested in audio technology, music and music production.


The technical resources for this unit are very modest – all radio can now be accessed on the internet, although a reasonable stereo sound system for classroom use would be beneficial. It is important to be able to hear the stereo dynamics and audio soundscape of a modern radio play.

The experience of radio will be greatly enhanced if students can create their own short radio plays. Microphones to record onto a computer is all that is needed and audio editing software such as AUDACITY is free to download.

Multi-track editing software such as Audacity makes it easier to devise an ambitious sound design.

I have edited the OCR spec to make it – I hope - much clearer:

Section A

Textual Analysis and Representation | Exam

The unheard audio extract will be four to five minutes in length and will be from the genre of Radio Drama.

This is a 2 hour exam for both sections A and B with 30 minutes listening time. The extract will be heard 4 times.

Realistically candidates will have 45 minutes to write their response to each section, as only 1 ½ hours is writing time.

The extract will be taken from a contemporary British one-off radio play or series or serial programme.

Candidates will be asked to analyse and discuss in relation to the unheard audio extract:

  • How the technical aspects of the language and conventions of radio drama create specific representations of individuals, groups, events or places.
  • How these representations help to articulate specific messages and values which have social significance.

OCR specifies these technical aspects:


  • Accent, tone of the voice, expression of personality, mode of address/ direct address, voiceover, contribution to dialogue, use of dialogue, rhythm and cadence in...

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