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OCR AS G322 TV Drama Scheme

jeremy | Thursday September 03, 2009

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Other Topics, Television, Television Drama

Getting Started on TV Drama

A Suggested Scheme of Work

In this section:

  • Getting started with unit G322 – TV drama
  • What do students need to be able to do?
  • TV drama background
  • Activity – quick textual analysis
  • Some theory
  • Shot analysis
  • Shot size
  • Camera angles
  • Framing
  • Mise-en-scène
  • Soundtrack
  • Postproduction
  • Activities

As a teacher you will be thinking about the structure of this two year course- see Course Structure. It’s a good idea to get started on an absolutely vital topic – textual analysis of television drama. This is an excellent lead into drama.

The BBC’s controller of fiction Jane Tranter says it is TV drama that now “gives our lives meaning and shape” rather than literature. This might be a good discussion point to start the topic.

I would argue that students cannot start creating a television fiction production in the Production Portfolio G321 until they have understood this unit, as it covers the nuts and bolts of drama production.


The OCR syllabus requires students to explore the concept of television drama.

This is G322 KEY MEDIA CONCEPTStextual analysis and representation in television drama.

EXAM – this is an examined unit. In the exam students will see a sequence from a drama. They should interpret the way representations are created by analysing content and media language.

This exam requires:

  • No waffly introduction or conclusion – it is not a discussion
  • Lots of examples from TV dramasnot films
  • Must answer in continuous proseno bullet points
  • Only analysis - no descriptions
  • Must apply the correct media terminology in their analysis
  • Must focus on question
  • One solid approach is for students to identify the representations of place and people and then look at the technical areas to see how they sustain these representations.

Well prepared students will be able to write an integrated analysis of how the technical processes contribute to the constructed representations....

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