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OCR AS G322 Section B The Games Industry Teacher Notes and Revision Handout

Huw Davies | Tuesday August 24, 2010

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Games, Computer Games, Video Games, Timeline

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OCR AS G322 Section B The Games Industry Teacher Notes and Revision Handout.doc

What the spec says:

Section B: Institutions and Audiences

A study of the production, distribution and marketing of a specific game within one or across various gaming platforms, along with its reception by a variety of (British) audiences.

This should be accompanied by study of the impact of next generation capabilities (HD, Blu-Ray, online services etc) on the production, distribution, marketing and consumption of games.

Candidates should be prepared to understand and discuss the processes of production, distribution, marketing and exchange as they relate to contemporary media institutions, as well as the nature of audience consumption and the relationships between audiences and institutions.

In addition, candidates should be familiar with:

1. The issues raised by media ownership in contemporary media practice;

2. The importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production, distribution and marketing;

3. The technologies that have been introduced in recent years at the levels of production, distribution, marketing and exchange;

4. The significance of proliferation in hardware and content for institutions and audiences;

5. The importance of technological convergence for institutions and audiences;

6. The issues raised in the targeting of national and local audiences (specifically, British) by international or global institutions;

7. The ways in which the candidates’ own experiences of media consumption illustrate wider patterns and trends of audience behaviour.

Who owns the games industry?

The gaming industry is controlled by a handful of large corporations. This is known as an oligopoly. These corporations are Microsoft, Sony and, Nintendo. They have more money and power than all the other companies in the industry.

Smaller companies for example Rockstar (the company that made GTA IV and...

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