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OCR A2 Media Studies G325 Sec B Contemporary Media Issues: Global Media

Rob Miller | Thursday March 20, 2014

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, Key Concepts, Media Language, Hot Entries, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Globalisation, Integration, New Technologies, Synergy, User Generated Content, We Media, News, More on News, 24 Hour News, News Ownership, News Values

G325 Section B fundamentals initially need to be observed and factored into the teaching of this Contemporary Media Issue – two media forms must be referenced in equal measure by the student. There must also be a past, present and future element to the analysis but with emphasis on the present (the past must be used to give balance only and to contextualise an argument). Two main case studies minimum ideally need to be explored for each media form while others need to be referenced to provide balance and objectivity. First however, there is a need to teach the concept of Global Media and then facilitate choices of two media and case studies the students will be individually focusing on.

OCR suggest that there needs to be a minimum of 4/5 theoretical references (which means students need to push this to 6/7 if possible) but recognising the need that students would not be expected to remember long quotations in an exam based situation but would certainly understand how a theorist like Stuart Price for example would define the term ‘global media’ or how Tim O’Sullivan would define the ‘global village’.

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It is also important for the student to develop an argument based in part on the work of existing theory but also to develop their own opinion linking to their own experiences – OCR are very keen on this approach but limiting it to relevant academic observations and avoiding personal description. Opinion and personal experience is good but keep it focused and do not make it a large part of the essay response, unless directed to do so by the essay but still with limitations (see last question below taken from the January 2013 paper asking students to reference their own experience).

Examples of Past Questions

  • What impact does the increase in global media reflect broader social changes?
  • To what extend are the media now more global than local or national?
  • What impact does the increase in global...

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