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OCR A Level Media Studies Textual Analysis and Representation in TV Drama

jeremy | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Television, Television Drama

G322 Key Media Concepts

Textual Analysis and Representation in Television Drama


This unit has a two part exam.

In Section A of the exam students will view an unseen sequence from a television drama. They are asked to interpret the way representations are created by analysing content and media language – see week by week course plan and content on this site at TV Drama.

Section B is different. It is a compulsory question that focuses on media industries, institutions and audiences. Students will write a prepared case study.

Section B


Institutions and Audiences

The exam in unit G322 has a second compulsory question. This is fully explained here.

The Exam

Candidates have to prepare a case study of a specific media industry, from a choice of six topic areas offered by OCR. The study has to be written up in 45 minutes as an exam response. Candidates will choose ONE of the following topic areas, in advance of the examination.

Teachers can choose to teach one or more of the topics. Realistically it is almost certainly better to select one or two topics for the whole class to study and prepare for the exam.

The topics are wide but the brief is specific – candidates must choose a CASE STUDY FROM ONE MEDIA INDUSTRY. The case study needs to be seen in the context of the industry, and be fully up to date.

This second part of the exam could be covered in half a term - 5 /6 weeks

How to teach Section B of the exam

You are asked to teach this part of the module in terms of:

How the institution produces and distributes its media products or services and how this is consumed by audiences.

Selection of an appropriate case study is so important. Choose a topic area and a case study that is suitable to your students’ interests, and is relevant to the strengths of the centre. Consider how this section on institutions and audiences can be included in some or most of the AS work.

For Example…

A study of the...

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