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News of the World | NOTW Case Study

Nick Lacey | Friday January 09, 2015

Categories: Key Concepts, Institutions, Censorship & Regulation, Ownership, Hot Entries, New Media, Convergence, Synergy, News, News Ownership, Rupert Murdoch Case Study

The Rise (and Fall?) of Rupert Murdoch

‘I’ve been telling students for the past 20 years that concentration of ownership in the media is a bad thing, but then who gives any credibility to a Mickey Mouse subject like media studies?’ Patrick Russell (letter to The Guardian, 20 July 2011)

Guide Navigation

  1. NOTW | 1. Introduction
  2. NOTW | 2. Murdoch Enters the British Newspaper Market
  3. NOTW | 3. Murdoch Buys Times Newspaper: The Failure of Regulation?
  4. NOTW | 4. Murdoch Goes to Hollywood: The Attraction of Synergy?
  5. NOTW | 5. Murdoch Revolutionises Fleet Street
  6. NOTW | 6. Murdoch in the 1990s: Triumph from near Disaster
  7. NOTW | 7. Murdoch and Ethics
  8. NOTW | 8. Murdoch and Politicians
  9. NOTW | 9. Beating the Competition: The Free Market and Newspaper Price Wars
  10. NOTW | 10. Fox News: ‘Fair and Balanced’?
  11. NOTW | 11. Murdoch Goes Online
  12. NOTW | 12. Murdoch’s Bid to own BSkyB Outright
  13. NOTW | 13. News of the World Phone Hacking
  14. NOTW | 14. The Met and News International
  15. NOTW | 15. The Leveson Inquiry
  16. NOTW | 16. How the Leveson Report was Covered by the Press
  17. NOTW | 17. News Corporation’s Response and Court Cases
  18. NOTW | 18. Regulations Now?
  19. NOTW | 19. Conclusion

NB All Internet sources have been accessed in July 2011 unless otherwise stated.

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