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Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media

Barry Rainsford | Monday March 12, 2018

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, New Spec

Files you will need for your lessons

In addition to the Close Study products students need to be able to apply theory in their exam. The Core lessons introduce and teach the Frameworks of Knowledge which underpin the new specifications. The Close Study Product lessons then build on the framework taught in the unit to make the learning cohesive and applicable in exam conditions. NEA units, where the links are live, are lessons teaching the skills your students will need, to develop excellent NEA responses.

Each Unit and section has the following materials for learning*:

  • A Teacher Scheme of Learning (SOL)
  • Online Slides to be projected for the whole class
  • A Student Workbook (can be cut and pasted from the online page into a booklet and printed for the students to work from.)
  • Student Workbook Appendix Images (printable pdf files for making notes/tasks)

*Please note there will be references to the ‘Exam’ in Close Study Product resource titles because these are for exam preparation

  • Unit 1-6 GCSE Units
  • Units 7-12 A Level Units

Unit 7 of 12

Media Language+

Content Overview: Which part of the specification is covered below?

  • Paper/Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences

Assessment Overview: Which AOs are covered in the lessons below?

  • Section A: Analysing Media Language and Representations

Use the links below to access the Online Slides, Scheme of Work and Student Workbook

  • Unit 7 of 12 Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Studies Core: Media Language+ 25 lessons
  • Unit 7 of 12 Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Studies Set Products 20 lessons
  • Unit 7 of 12 Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Studies NEA 5 lessons

Set Products:

  • The Daily Mirror November 10, 2016 front cover and article
  • The Times November 10, 2016 front and back pages
  • Tide print advertisement (1950s)
  • WaterAid audio-visual advertisement (2016)
  • Music Video: Formation, Beyonce (2016)
  • Music Video: Dream, Dizzee Rascal (2004)
  • Music Video:...

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