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NCFE Level 1 Unit 1: Explore Interactive Media Products and Processes

Rob Miller | Sunday August 02, 2015

Categories: Certificates, NCFE Certificates, NCFE Level 1, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Digital Graphics, Institutions, Copyright, Hot Entries, Magazines, Magazine Design, Online Magazines, New Media, Digital Media, Skills, Graphic Design, Software, InDesign, Photoshop

Associated Resources

  • Magazine Cover Layout Plan.pdf
  • Music Magazine Flat Plan.pdf


Welcome to the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Interactive Media - to achieve this unit you will be developing a portfolio of work that includes 3 products, in response to a set Brief. The three pieces of work are:

  1. An Annotated (labelled) Research File - collecting evidence against a checklist - see below.
  2. Using PowerPoint or Prezi to make a short presentation, explaining the software needed to design magazine pages that will be uploaded to a website.
  3. Printed drafts of a magazine front page and contents page.

I bet you don’t read magazines - not many people do these days because a lot of people use the internet and other digital media platforms like iPads and Smartphones to get their media - look at how different the Heat website below is to an actual magazine.

Even TV News programmes like Newsround are more interested in directing audiences to their website for in-depth news coverage.

Video Games can be played online, on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation or on tablets and Smartphones.

The X Factor has its own YouTube channel - audiences want more than just the television programme.

This is called interactive media! - You have a say in what is going on and new digital media platforms have helped that happen.

Your Brief

Bauer, a well-known magazine publisher is looking for fresh ideas for a new fashion magazine targeting 16-25 year olds, How’s That? It will be launching online and in print format in the spring. The best ideas could lead to a week’s work placement in their offices in central London during the summer holidays, with travel and accommodation paid for.

They need you to achieve three things to convince them that you are the person they may be looking for:

  1. Present them with a Research File so they can see your ideas.
  2. Present to them verbally explaining clearly what software you are going to use and why and how...

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