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Nazi Propaganda

vikiwalden | Wednesday May 13, 2009

Categories: Film, Documentaries, Nazi Propaganda, Other Topics

Film Under Nazi Regime

Early German Cinema was renown for “German Expressionism”, a style which much influenced the Universal reign of horror in the USA. The early period between world war I and world war II was the era of the Weimar Republic, the other popular style of this time was films about the city… “City Symphonys”, similar to travelogues but in most cases exploring the worries of industrialisation and the loneliness of the City, rather than celebrating it. Influenced by these films was the first feature length science fiction, Metropolis.

Fritz Lang - Metropolis (1927)

However Germany was in a state of depression, after World War I the Mark had become completely worthless, it is said in some parts of the country people burned money to keep themselves warm as it was all it was good for! The military had been totally disarmed and soldiers were not even allowed to carry guns. The country had, had to pay severe damages to all the allied countries.

This lead too much unrest and led many citizens to look for a scapegoat as society always does for its problems, in 1933, one particular young man brought the NATIONALSOZIALISTICSHE DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTER” to power abolishing by law any other political party, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party spread their propaganda around the country.

They believed that citizens owned unquestioning obedience to government leaders, that women were subordinate to men, that communists and the Jews were among the main people to blame for both their loss in wartime and the current economical problems. Hitler believed in the perfect Aryan race; that Germans were far superior to any other race.

Both Hitler and his minister of propaganda Dr Josef Goebbels were film fanatics, in 1934 Goebbels took control of censorship and controlled all the Arts. Many of the directors of the German Expressionism and City Symphonies were Jewish or did not agree with the idea of Art becoming propaganda, they fled generally to...

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