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Music Video Production

jeremy | Tuesday September 22, 2009

Categories: Music, Music Video, Other Topics, Production Zone, Video Production

Selected Song

You will have selected a song track which excites you. You will have some ideas about how you want to visualise this song.

You will have decided on whether you want to tell a story, create an atmospheric video, or present the song in some new innovative way, or use another form of visualisation such as a parody or pastiche.

It’s a good idea to write down the lyrics, so that you know what the song is about.

Your next job is to create a STORYBOARD of your ideas.

Remember that a storyboard first of all tells a story. Try and fit your video idea into 6 or 8 frames. You do not need to draw a frame for every single shot just the most important ones that advance the story.


Your chosen song is Lou Read’s ‘A Perfect Day’. Here are the lyrics:

Just a perfect day
drink sangria in a park
and then later
when it gets dark
we go home
Just a perfect day
feed animals in the zoo
and then later a movie, too
and then home


Oh it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spend it with you
oh such a perfect day you just keep me hangin’ on
you just keep me hangin’ on

just a perfect day
problems are left to know
Weekend’s all night long

its such fun
just a perfect day
You make me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
someone good

One way to get to grips with this song is to highlight the words that interest you. Of course you do not have to make a literal video that just shows pictures of the words, but you can use the words as a springboard to keep your video appropriate to the song and yet different.

A music video needs to relate in some way to the lyrics and the music. The audience should be able to see the relationship between your pictures and the song.

You could make a video that consisted of shots of your own perfect day, which could be a day on the beach, or in a racing car, or at a theme park, or in the garden at home. You would be illustrating what ‘perfect day’ means to you.



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