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Music Video Pre-Production

jeremy | Wednesday September 23, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Music, Music Video, Other Topics, Production Zone, Video Production, Skills

Music videos offer great opportunities to be creative on video using low cost equipment. You can work in just about any genre or style you like, as long as it has some relationship to the song.

Most of the hard work is usually done in postproduction, but that certainly does not mean you should skate over the shooting; it is essential you have enough shot material to work on in editing.

What is a music video trying to do?

A successful music video has to work at two levels – it must sell the song to the audience, and it must reflect the mood, story, tone and musicality of the song. A music video is essentially a selling tool. Its job is to shift shed loads of CDs or downloads – that is the bottom line.

Most artists like to devise dynamic, creative and artistically exciting and adventurous videos, which add energy and a creative visual dimension to their songs. You can too.


The song is the name the music business gives to any single named piece of popular music – or track - however long it is.

The artist(s) is the performer of the song, and it may be a band or a solo performer.

The album is a compilation of songs – even if some of them are just instrumental music without words.

The lyrics are the words of a song.

The composer writes the music of a song.

The producer works with the artist and engineers to make and edit the recording.

The arranger adapts the song for particular instruments or for an orchestra or band.

The publisher publishes the words and music of a song – sometimes as ‘sheet music’- and pays the writers of the music and lyrics for doing so.

The recording company (such as Virgin or EMI) makes the recording of the song and issues a CD or download.

The royalties are the payments that all the above receive when a song is bought by you or me, or broadcast on radio or television.

The advance is money paid to an artist for a certain number of albums, by a recording company on signing to a...

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