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Music Press Mock Exam One

Keith Langton | Monday May 11, 2009

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Music, Other Topics, Music Press, Music Press Mock One, Staffroom, Mocks

In this exam you are going to be asked to research the marketplace for a new UK music magazine. You will then be asked to identify a potential Target Audience for your new magazine and demonstrate design work to appeal to that Target Audience.



Question 1: History

  • How did the market for the music press in the UK change during the 1970s and 1980s?

Use the case histories of TWO successful UK music magazines or papers to demonstrate your answer. Explain why you think they became successful and why they stopped being successful, if they did.

  • Based on your research, how has the UK music press marketplace changed in the last ten years?

What events and inventions have caused these changes?

Question 2: THE Marketplace

  • What issues of REPRESENTATION do you feel are evident in the UK music press?

You may wish to discuss gender, ethnicity or age, for example.

  • What challenges would the publisher of a new music magazine have to overcome in order to be successful, in your opinion?
  • What issues of INSTITUTION do you think would need to be resolved in a new music magazine?

You may wish to discuss legal issues, moral stances or political ideology.

Question 3: Audience

  • Describe a potential Target AUDIENCE for a new UK music magazine.

Explain why you feel that there is a marketing opportunity to sell to this audience.

  • Describe how your magazine will be designed to appeal to that Target Audience.

You may wish to discuss content, design and layout and the CONVENTIONS of the traditional music press.

  • How do you think a new music title would have to be different to be successful in today‚Äôs marketplace?

Question 4: Design

You are now going to work on the design of the first issue of a new UK music magazine. It can be a weekly or monthly title, but you should make it clear how often your new title would appear.

  • Decide on a title and logo for your new magazine.

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