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jeremy | Friday May 08, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Music, Other Topics, Music Press, Music Press Institution

Observations from AQA course on

The Music Press


1. Investigate ownership of magazines: EMAP and IPC Media dominate. What are the consequences?

2. Mainstream vs fanzine/blogs/online communities, etc. - benefits?

3. Editorial independence of mainstream? Advertise to ensure positive reviews/coverage? Content analysis as ‘evidence’?

4. Horizontal integration e.g. Smash Hits radio, TV, website but no magazine anymore.

5. Explore narrative: contents of mags, the use of narrative on the front cover

6. Uses / reasoning?

7. Cross promotion e.g. festivals, awards ceremonies, sponsorship, etc.

8. Brand image

‘Icons of The Early Music Press’ by Keith Langton

The Bands and Musicians

Led Zeppelin – huge 1970s heavy rock band known for their excessive behaviour re. sex and drugs.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) and Yes – two “prog-rock? bands from the 1970s who would spend huge sums of money on stage shows and touring, often ridiculous amounts of money on stupid things such as carpets to go under the drum kit or “rock operas? on ice – these bands are both made fun of in the film This is Spinal Tap.

Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music – experimental pop / rock band of the 1970s, very innovative until Ferry left to become a rich, pompous, middle of the road crooner and housewives’ favourite.

David Bowie – old rocker, again rather pompous and over the top – often “worshipped? by people in the music press as a genius. Some moments of brilliance in his long career are balanced by his more frequent bouts of stupidity. Bowie is, of course, famous for having one blue eye and one green eye as a result of being hit on the head as a child by his best mate at school.

Iggy Pop – old rocker who specialises in high energy punk. Usually considered to be a living miracle due to the amount of drugs that he has taken and is still alive.

Keith Richards – guitarist with the boring old has-beens The Rolling Stones. Has been on the...

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